New Plus Video: Step-By-Step Build Your Pilates Teaser Routine

Hi FB Family!

I hope you are doing well and are having a lovely week. I am excited to introduce my newest routine to help you build your teaser one step at a time. 

Step-By-Step Build Your Pilates Teaser Routine

This 16-minute workout includes 14 exercises, starting at a basic abdominal crunch and progressing to a full teaser. Each exercise is slightly more challenging than the last. However, if an exercise gets too challenging, go back to the previous exercise. Each time you complete this routine, you will get one step closer to doing a full teaser. 

I created this routine for those who feel hopeless in a Pilates class or while watching my Pilates videos, and the teaser comes up, and your body can't do it. I have felt hopeless throughout my fitness journey time and time again, and it is not a fun place to be. 

I learned as a physical therapist that if a move or exercise is too hard, break it down to its basic components. Once you can perform each component, start combining them until you can accomplish the entire move or exercise. 

Depending on what you have planned for today, here are some recommendations for workouts to pair with this one:

I hope you enjoy building your teaser! Keep me posted on how it's going 😊

Thanks for working out with me!

- Amanda