New Plus Workout: Mellow Cardio for Days When You Don’t Wanna

Good Morning FB Family!

This morning I’ve got a gentle cardio workout for you that’s beginner friendly, and also makes for a nice relaxing recovery workout:

Mellow Cardio for Days When You Don’t Wanna: Gentle Beginner Cardio Workout

Workout Structure & Details
- 25 Minutes Total
- No Equipment
- Warm Up and Cool Down included
- 20 Gentle cardio intervals; all standing and all low impact 
- Bored Easily Style (you’ll only do each interval once; no repeat exercises)

Light workouts like this can be a great way to introduce movement when you know that you would feel better if you added some exercise to your day, but you know that you don’t have the energy or want for something as intense as strength training or high intensity interval training. If you’ve had a bunch of rest days in a row and know that you need to start moving again, this beginner friendly workout can be a nice start. 

We have said for years that something is always better than nothing, and that applies to both the intensity and length of a training session. That doesn’t mean that you should take it easy for every single workout, or never push yourself physically. But it is another example where it’s good to break up with all or nothing thinking; just because you don’t feel like doing a tough workout doesn’t mean that your body and mind wouldn’t benefit from some gentle movement. 

Save this workout for days when:

  • You’re coming back to working out after a long break, injury or illness
  • You have cramps (sometimes, for some people, light activity can help)
  • You’ve been stuck at your desk or the couch for too long and need to give your body a break from sitting but don’t want a full or intense workout
  • You need a break from intense workouts but don’t want to be completely inactive

How will you use this workout? And, what other kinds of workouts can we create to help your fitness journey stay fun and functional? We are all constantly brainstorming so if you have requests, let us know!

Thank you for working out with me, I hope you love this new workout.