New Plus Workout! Anyone in the mood for some Cardio Kickboxing?

Good Morning Fitness Blender Family,

I have a new workout for you today and this one is another remix from one of our older workouts. This short but sweaty, 27 minute cardio kickboxing workout won’t disappoint.

Quick Cardio Kickboxing and Upper Body Burnout - 27 Minutes of Sweat Cardio

This workout has a warm up and cooldown included and does not need any equipment of any kind. The cardio kickboxing section is blended with various upper body exercises to really tire out the upper body so don’t be surprised if your arms feel a bit rubbery after this. I have included the link to the original workout, that I pulled inspiration from, in the workout write up. So, you can give that one a try as well or just compare the differences. Though it is 27 minutes long, it feels much shorter as we move quickly from combination to combination. Enjoy!

Well, though most of you are probably fully into spring, here in the PNW we are just now starting to show signs of life. We have been spending our weekends prepping the garden and recently cutting out all of the old berry and grape vines and getting them all tied up. We were almost too late as some of them had already started to bud out and that new growth can easily be damaged by wrestling the new vines together to get them tied up. Of course that concern is almost always unfounded as it seems the more you traumatize an established plant in the spring (or late winter) the more aggressively they grow.

Have any of you been working in the garden? What are your spring or early summer plants/crops that you are looking forward to the most? (for me it is blueberries, raspberries and black raspberries… soooo gooooooood). For those of you that don’t garden, what are your favorite springtime sights and sounds?