New Free Workout: 32-Min Lower and Upper Body Mini Strength Complexes with Add-On Style Core Finisher

Good morning FB Family!

The exercises in today’s workout release are straightforward but sequenced in such a way to feel challenging:

Lower and Upper Body Mini Strength Complexes with Add-On Style Core Finisher

Your goal is to hold onto the same set of weights for each exercise in each mini strength complex. With minimal rest between moves, your muscular and cardiovascular systems will be challenged to work through fatigue as you complete three rounds of each circuit complex. The best part of the workout structure? You will reverse the order of exercise completion on the second round of each circuit, challenging muscle groups that were just utilized to continue working without much recovery.

During the add-on style core finisher, you will add an exercise to the lineup each round until you complete all four exercises (for a total of four rounds). A hollow-man hold variation is included in the finisher; however, it’s the last exercise in the line-up so you only have to complete it once! I’m sure the “no” and “hurray” you just screamed were only seconds apart from each other. Bet you didn’t think you’d experience such opposing ends of your emotional spectrum while reading this post. Makes you wonder what will happen during the workout, doesn’t it? All good feelings, I promise.

Note that this routine is a level 3 workout but could easily feel like a level 4 workout if you opt for heavy (for you) weight selections and choose the most advanced progression of all the core exercises in the finisher. Essentially, you choose how you want to make the workout work for you!

I hopped back into filming last week and have plans to continue filming this week – so much fun! I’m also planning more content and playing around with some new workout ideas – fun intensified by a million. Every workout and every project are a puzzle for the brain. Anyone else think of their work or creative endeavors this way?

I’ve digressed into a tangent. Back to the workout release! I hope you enjoy this workout and challenge yourself.

See you on the screen in my bright yellow pants!