Hurt my wrists - anyone with a similar experience?



I have been with FB for a couple of years now, but this is my first post here. The reason I'm writing is because I hurt both my wrists during a workout 5 days ago, and I'm kind of hoping someone has any experience, tips or just some upifting words to share, as I am kind of down right now. Working out has been so important for my mental health, and I am really worried I might have hurt my wrists permanently, or that I'll have to go through a long recovery. Obviously, the only person who could really answer this is a doctor, but since that's not an option for a few days, I thought I could turn to you guys in the meantime.

So, in short, this is what happened: I was in plank pose, on my way to a side plank, and I think I placed my hands wrong, so I got too much weight (and therefore pressure) on my wrists. Usually, this is never a problem for me. I've been doing planks, push ups, yoga poses and strenght training with heavy weights for years, and I've never had any pain in my wrists. So I do think I have pretty "strong" wrists (if that's even a thing), so I know it's an injury and not the result of any long-term damage. I'm usually very cautious to make sure I use proper form when I work out, but this time somehow I got the arm placement all wrong. I felt the pain right away, and of course stopped immediately.

I had some discomfort afterwards, but the pain didn't really occur before I woke up the next day. I could not put any pressure on my wrists at all, and I felt a sort of pulsating sensation (not the good kind) in my wrist and up to my elbows. At this point I wasn't really worried; I just thought I'd rest it and let it heal before I did anything strenous. But then life happened, and I had to help my family (who owns a farm) for a few days, which of course included hours of physical work each day. I've tried to protect my wrists as best I can, but not using my arms was kinda not an option. So now I'm worried that by not resting it, I might have permanently damaged something.

The pain is constant, whether I'm using my hands or not, and twisting my arms seems to be the worst. For example, it actually hurts more to open a dorknob that to lift something (as long as it's not very heavy). The good thing is that I have noticed that I can gradually put more and more weight on my arms (in the beginning I couldn't support my self at all without great pain). The bad thing is that the pain has moved further up my arm, all the way to my biceps. It sort of feels like I might have gotten an inflammation, so I've started taking some anti-inflammatory pills, hoping they'll do the trick. Other than that there is no visual marks, no bruising and no swelling. I've lost some range of motion and experience some stiffness, but that could just be me not using my hands like I normally do (I don't experience any pain when I try, just that it seems to "stop" sooner than it usually does).

So this turned out to be A LOT longer than I intended, so sorry about that. I hope someone will take the time to read and respond anyway. I guess what I really wonder is if anyone has experienced something similar and had a full recovery afterwards? It might just be me being super dramatic, but I just really love working out - It's the only thing that's made the last couple of years bearable - and I'm just afraid that I won't be able to do it the way I used to anymore. Of course, any comments, experiences og tips you might want to share, will be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance:)