New Plus Video: Three-Round Core Strength Workout

Hi FB Family!

I hope you are having a great week. Many of you asked, and now I am delivering. Get excited for a killer core workout in three rounds! If you are lucky, you might just get a little cardio, too - I know I did.

Three-Round Core Strength Workout

This workout follows the same format as my Three-Round Lower Body Strength Workout and Three-Round Upper Body Strength Workout

At 43-minutes and a 3/5 difficulty, this is a complete workout with a warm-up and cool-down. As usual, I recommend using the first round to become comfortable with the exercise and then use the second and third rounds to perfect it. Also, I discuss some modifications during the workout but check out the **Workout Highlights** for more suggestions. 

Hot Tip: If you remember from my other three-round workouts, you can skip the third round and go straight to the cool-down for a shorter, less than 30-minute workout. 

This routine packs enough of a punch to stand on its own, but you know how much I love pairing routines together. That said, I think doing a quick bout of cardio, either before or after, would be an excellent pairing. Try a few of my favorite short-but-sweet cardio routines from Kelli:

I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for working out with me!

- Amanda