New FB Plus Workout: Upper Body Strength with Push Intervals

Good Morning FB family!

Today we have not one, but two workout releases for you! Get ready to see a lot of me today, as both workout videos are from yours truly.

For our first release, we’ve got a fun and unique upper body workout: Upper Body Strength Workout with Push Intervals

This is actually the “companion” workout to the Lower Body Strength Workout with Push Intervals released a few months ago. You loved the format (as do I) so I was very excited to create the upper body sequel.

We combine longer strength intervals focusing on large muscle groups with shorter “push” intervals that target and fatigue smaller muscle groups. Needless to say, it has a little something to challenge every muscle group while leaving you feeling strong and capable.

Equipment is kept minimal with dumbbells and bodyweight so there’s no fluff and minimal transitions between items.

For a fun surprise, I’ve added in 2 finisher tabata circuits! The lower body workout only had one, but I wanted each exercise to make another appearance so we’ll complete each of the 8 exercises again at the end, tabata-style. If you decide you’re short on time or your arms are done after the main workout, feel free to skip ahead to the cool-down.

Finally, there’s a new exercise in this workout I think you might like: Plank Jack Taps. Just as it sounds, it’s a combination of a plank jack and shoulder tap. This one had my core, shoulders, and triceps burning by the end, in the best way.

Enjoy and let me know how this workout goes for you!