New FB Plus Workout: 45-Min Time Under Tension Lower Body Strength Circuits

Good morning FB Family!

In today’s workout release you will utilize a variety of tempos to target the muscles in your lower body:

Time Under Tension Lower Body Strength Circuits with Bodyweight Intermissions 

There are many benefits of time under tension training, but one of my favorites is the strengthened mind-body connection from focusing on slower movement patterns. As you progress through this workout, challenge yourself to be mindful of which muscles you recruit for each exercise as well as which muscles you rely on when these prime movers show fatigue.

The tempo variations in this workout could keep your muscles under tension for a longer time than your typical training sessions causing early fatigue and muscle burnout. Don’t feel discouraged if you need to decrease your weight choices or modify an exercise! If during the days after this workout the thought of lowering yourself onto a chair or couch terrifies you, then you might want to consider lowering your weight selections the next time you attempt this routine. You want to feel pleasantly challenged not completely destroyed!

I recommend completing this workout as a stand-alone benchmark lower body routine for tempo training. My thoughts after filming this workout included “what in the world?” and “thank goodness these pants have extra ventilation.” I was sufficiently challenged for the day. Enjoy the bodyweight intermission circuits as a mental reprieve from loaded training but know that they are not a break from movement – just a different way to assess your form and strengthen balance, control, and spatial awareness. After all, during intermission at a play you would be getting a snack, stretching your legs, or inquiring about being an extra in future productions (that last one could just be me). You’re still doing something! So it’s ok that you’re still doing something during the intermissions of this workout. Justified.

I am in a create, plan, film cycle right now and LOVING it! I may or may not have recently filmed a workout with the word “kick” in the title. And I just might be planning a short-ish Tabata workout with a twist. Plus, I’m looking at all the recent workout releases and can’t wait to try them out! Which workouts are you loving right now? Were you surprised by your love for any of these workouts?

I hope you enjoy this lower body bonanza of fun!

See you on the screen!