I made fancy deconstructed oatmeal cookies...

I don't know what went wrong... but I'm laughing!! I tried this recipe today for the first time:


And it's EASY... maybe a bit too easy for me, I wasn't focused enough😂

I made some changes: instead of flour I used coconut flour. And I'm pretty sure my honey wasn't 1/2 cup. The liquid part wasn't enough so I ended up with a very crumbly mixture... I added some almond milk but clearly it was insufficient...

The final result was a crumbly cookie that's not even shaped like a cookie 😂

The good thing is: the flavour is all there!!! ANd now I can use this in my breakfast yogurt as a fancy deconstructed oatmeal cookies that also works as granola I guess 🤣

Pictures of the experience for your laughing. In my post you can see the promising beginning. In my comments the final result.

EDIT: If someone has tips for a more successful third batch let me know. Maybe what I can used instead of honey and plain flour. I don't know if the coconut flour was a bad idea...