New FB Plus Workout: Pelvic Floor for Beginners

Hello Everyone!

Today’s workout release is for everyone with a pelvic floor. Hint hint: If you’re reading this, you have a pelvic floor!

Pelvic Floor for Beginners

If you’ve heard the term ‘pelvic floor’ but don’t fully understand where it’s at, what it does, or how to activate it properly you’re in the right place. The pelvic floor is an important, though often neglected, part of the core.

I first learned about the pelvic floor on my pregnancy journey (just a couple years ago) but I wish I had known about it before. Truth be told it can be slow work and not feel like you’re doing much, but don’t let that deceive you. Having a functional pelvic floor can truly improve quality of life and deserves our precious time and attention!

While it’s most talked about in the pregnancy and postpartum space (rightfully so) pelvic floor health is very important for all genders, in all phases of life. It supports sexual function, decreases risk of incontinence/leaking, and holds your internal organs (bladder, uterus, rectum) up inside your body.

There’s so much more to the pelvic floor than the commonly used kegel. Today’s routine starts with a quick guided tutorial to help you find and activate your pelvic floor. For the exercise portion, we have longer intervals (60-90 seconds) so you have plenty of time to focus and practice each movement without feeling rushed. At the end, we finish with some nice pelvic floor relaxing stretches.

I know you’ll gain a ton of pelvic floor awareness by completing this video and even gain practical tools to take into all other workouts you do!

What’s your experience with pelvic floor work? What questions do you have?

As always, can’t wait to hear from you!