Yesterday "In the Kitchen" - 3-3-22

Good day FB foodies.

Hope you are all having a great day or winding down from a fabulous one. Great physio ball workout with Daniel this morning and heading off to work soon.

Last night we had blackened Salmon with mango salsa (I didn't make it; should have though). Various blackened spices (light on the heat for the girls), leftover fett and broccoli with some garlic, sundriued tomoato oil and black pepper, side salad with greens from the winter beds (delish and tender). Blackened these on the BBQ with a cast iron skillet. Didn't want to smoke up the house. Just before serving I through in some cut up scallions or green onions. Yup, good.

What was going on in your kitchen yesterday. Planning for the weekend? Quite night at home? Leftover city? Post up and let us know.