New FB Plus Video: Add-On Style Total Body HIIT with the Step

Hey there, Blenders! 

I may still be slightly out of breath from this one but, nevertheless, I am pumped to share our newest HIIT workout with you: 

Add-On Style Total Body HIIT with the Step

Mentally prep yourself for 37 minutes of greatness with a slightly extended warm-up because, trust me - you’ll need it. The add-on workout style plus the aerobic step makes for an invigorating challenge with a guaranteed high working heart rate. 

In this workout, we take tried-and-true plyometric exercises and show you how to do them with an aerobic step. The result is tons of sweat and a huge endorphin rush when you earn that #WorkoutComplete. Don’t have an aerobic step at home? It’s okay - I demonstrate other options for you to try. And, at the end of the workout, don’t forget to do a Happy Dance because that (unintentional) burpee finisher is *fun*. 

I borrowed this workout structure from the lovely Tasha in this workout here - what a fantastic routine! Daniel and Kelli have cultivated such an amazing and accomplished team here at FitnessBlender - both in front and behind the camera - and it’s a blessing to be a part of your fitness and wellness journey. Thank you for taking us along for the ride, and I’ll see you on screen!

- Kayla