FB Plus Passes & FB Plus Sale

Release 2022.03.01 introduces FB Plus Passes, a new way to access FB Plus without the need for a subscription. In addition, a few pages have been refresh along with one new FB Plus feature. This launch is in conjunction with a sale on FB Plus Memberships and FB Plus Passes.

FB Plus Passes

  • Ability to purchase an FB Plus Pass to access FB Plus features
  • Passes range from 1-Day passes to 90-Day passes
  • Passes can be purchased from the store or the workout programs page
  • Multiple passes can be purchased at anytime to extend access
  • New FAQs around plus passes

All Members

  • Refreshed homepage that includes quick links when logged in
  • For FB Plus members, the newest FB Plus content releases will be accessible right from the homepage
  • Refreshed membership page from the main site navigation

FB Plus Feature - Program Shelf

  • New shelf section on the My Programs page (with the bookmark icon) to help organize your programs
  • Ability to add workout programs to the shelf by clicking the bookmark icon
  • Any program on the shelf will stay on the shelf, regardless of filters used
  • You can remove a program from the shelf at anytime by clicking the bookmark icon

Other Updates

  • Better wallet bucks messaging when an FB Plus auto-renew subscription is in past due status
  • Improved callouts on how to use wallet bucks when on an auto-renew plan
  • General framework and security updates