Week 6 goal evaluation

It is February already. I was very happy last week riding my bike home after work. I normally bike through a little park, but in winter I take the bike path around the park because it is so dark. This week I could bike home through the park again because there was still some daylight left. I love it when the days get longer again..

This week I tried to up my protein intake, but that is difficult with what and how I eat. I do eat the recommended amount, so that is okay. I haven’t figured out what works best for me yet, I know what I like, but I also have the experience that that is not the best way for me…

I did pretty well avoiding the evening snacks and the daytime snacks for that matter as well. Using the app makes me stop and think about eating crap. It is so weird that I can’t do that when I don’t use the app.. The brain is a weird thing..

My other small win was going all out with my workouts. I didn’t do any high level workouts but I put in a lot of work to keep up with proper form and lifted as much as possible.

The hanging did not go well the first 2 days because I kept forgetting. Now I’ve put a bright orange tiny post-it and wrote “hangen” (hanging) on it. I put it on the doorframe and everytime I pass the room I see the post-it and that works. I can hang for 15 seconds, but not much longer yet. I also did a few scapular shrugs. This week I will try to hang for 20 seconds OR do 15 with scapular shrugs.

How did your week go? Did you follow your plan, did you have to adjust, did you reach a goal? What are your small wins for this week?

Mine small wins for this week:

20 second hang OR 15 seconds with scapular shrugs

Log 5 blue boulder problems (grade 4)

Track my food intake, do some more research on what to eat, work on a healthy “diet”