Question about effective workouts

Hi all,

Lately I’ve been taking longer over my workouts and doing more sets…so, some workouts are a lot, lot slower with more breaks but I’ll add in a 3rd set of everything for example rather than the ab ab that is often laid out.

Today, I did a lower strength workout as was. So ab ab, two sets of everything. I didn’t pause the workout once and I was huffing and puffing with it being faster and therefore giving a more cardio element.

I guess I’m wondering if one is more effective than the other? I have to work very hard not to fall into the trap of thinking longer workouts mean better workouts. Adding on a third set of everything at a much slower pace with more sets definitely takes longer so I guess somewhere I assumed that’s better. Todays workout was 35 minutes, I took no breaks and lifted heavy during the two sets, my heart rate was really up! If I’m honest o think I pushed harder having the shorter amount of time.

I’m guessing it depends what my goals are for which style may be most beneficial. Ultimately my goal is to burn fat and build muscle.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated. I’m at a bit of a plateau at the moment, wondering if I need to shake things up a bit from the slow type training with high sets, but could be completely wrong!

Thanks all