Week 5 goal evaluation

Hi all! Hope you had a good week and that life is treating you well despite all the craziness going on in the world..

I achieved almost all of my small wins this week. I still have a hard time incorporating hang training. It feels so hard to do after a workout, so maybe I should do it after my warmup but before my actual workout.. I also thought of doing a repetition of hang training everytime I go upstairs, but I keep forgetting.. I will try to do that this week: each time I pass my workout room, I will hang from the bar and attempt a 15 second hang…

Second smaller portions: done! It is actually quite easy to do..

Getting in 3 workouts: also done! 3 workouts and 2 bouldering sessions. My bouldering went really well this week. I’ve flashed quite a few grade 4’s which was my goal for 2021: to boulder grade 4 with ease.. LAst year I had an injury, we’ve had lockdowns, so I think I am doing pretty good. But, most important, I am enjoying the hell out of it :)

I asked about what helped you to keep up with your goals last week.. Today I’ve reinstalled one of the few apps that do work for me. I recently tried “ate” which has a great philosophy, but taking pics of my food just doesn’t work for me. I am going to use lifesum again this month and reset my eating, AGAIN… Why is it so hard to change your lifestyle and stick to it?? I am going to try to not put the main focus on the calories, but on the quality of my food. The only thing I am still trying to figure out are my macro’s..

Small wins this week: figuring out what the best way of eating is for me… (doing research)

hanging on my bar for 15 seconds each time I pass my workout room

no evening snacks, I have been munching on too much crap again the past week..

Go all in with my workouts

What are your small wins for the week?