1 year of consistency... thanks, FB! :)

Having followed FB for about 10 years now, w/ some members of our family working out w/ FB regularly since then, personally it was hit-or-miss for various reasons.

After an injury, a year ago on 29 Jan 2021, I started consistently working out w/ FB as a way to safely rebuild lost strength and fitness post-injury. The first workout was a LB active PNF stretching routine w/ Daniel, and then on 1 February started Low Impact R2.

For the first month it was 2xs/week, then 3xs/week, and since March, consistently 4-6xs/week, through the awful heat of summer and the cold, short days of winter, and schedule craziness - strongly motivated by a desire to rehab properly from injury, build muscle/strength, get back in shape, and be prophylactic about aging well.

After a year of consistently showing up and doing at least "something" - whether a short 5-15 minute light cardio or stretching workout, a full-blown strength/HIIT workout, or the very, very rare, insane 1,000 calorie workout as part of a program, it is still not very easy to overcome inertia and start a workout. ;)

Once started, FB workouts fly by very quickly and pleasantly, and that amazing feeling afterward is definitely worth the hassle of making time in the day and getting started. :)

Instead of focusing on results and getting frustrated at the ups and downs along the way, focusing on consistently showing up has created the healthy habit making the time to purposefully work out regularly.

That approach made for a lot less stress and a whole lot more fun - there was no need to worry about rescheduling or changing things up when things changed. As long as there was some kind of activity, even a simple 5 minute stretching routine, it was enough. Not surprisingly, eventually the body responded positively (it did take what seemed like a very, very long time) w/ pleasant results in the end.

After 1 year of consistency, w/ 663 workouts, 6 programs, and 13 challenges complete, lean mass has increased while body fat has decreased, and fitness strength, stamina, mobility/flexbility, and posture have all greatly improved. In addition, there is a much better awareness of proper form, muscle activation, and technique.

FB is truly a wonderful resource to have - a safe, scientifically sound way to get in shape and stay in shape w/ the help of such amazing trainers and a supportive community! :)

When feeling stuck in a rut, overwhelmed, busy, or discouraged by lack of results - the most important thing is to learn to be consistent about moving the body every day - whether it's a quick 5-minute pick-me-up cardio or stretching routine or a longer workout. It doesn't matter so much *what* it is, as that it *is* - it's always better to do something doable and have something done than to do nothing at all b/c something feels too long, too difficult, too stressful, too boring, etc. FB makes it easy to do that something each day - there's plenty of variety for everyone, and for times when the body is feeling like it can handle only a very little or a whole lot.

Hope your week is off to a good start, and happy Blending everyone! :)