Struggling trying to learn a back walkover

Hey guys!

So because I wanted to set a fitness goal that is not completely strength-focused, I've decided that I want to learn how to do a back walkover. I can already do a backbend from a lying position, so getting into a backbend from a standing position will be my first goal.

I've looked at lots of tutorials and most of them suggest practising in front of a wall and walking your hands down the wall first to get into the backbend. The thing is that I already struggle with that first little step. I don't think it's an issue of flexibility or that I'm too scared to let myself fall against the wall (although I am a bit, haha), but it feels more like my lower back isn't stable enough to support myself in that backbend position. I'm also kinda cramping up the muscles around my throat, I guess? It just feels super uncomfortable, even when I'm only like bending a tiny bit backwards until my hands touch the wall.

I've been struggling with weak lower back muscles for quite a while now, so it makes sense that those are also causing my problems with the backbend. So can you guys share some tips that helped you learn a backbend from a standing position or even a back walkover? It's kinda frustrating that I don't even manage the basics, and especially that I don't really know why.