week 4 / month 1 goal evaluation.. Not my best month, but that's okay

The good news is that I did not get covid from my son, so that is at least 1 small (big) win.. I did hangtraining once. My food was up and down. I did pretty good with my regular meals, but my snacks varied from bell peppers, apples, bananas, pears and nuts to chocolate and cookies…

I feel better at the moment planning my own workouts, doing what feels good for me and my body at that time.. I plan ahead, but am okay with switching..

This month I had a lot of rest days, and that is fine. For everyone struggling with motivation or consistency: there will be weeks / months like this, and that is okay. You can get back on track.. Just don’t let that one day become an excuse to skip an entire week, that week to become a month and that month to become a full stop on your habit. Accept the ebb and flow of it.

I went bouldering again yesterday. I flashed a grade 4 problem in overhang which is such an improvement compared to 6 months ago. My son has been going to training for a few months (with lockdown intermissions) and it is so cool to see how his climbing improves because of it. He accepts the push of his trainers, so he is climbing harder stuff.. He won’t accept it from his mom ofcourse, but he is a teenager after all.. I really enjoy sharing this sport with him, we have nice talks in the car on the commute and we help each other with climbing.

How did you do this week?

Small wins for this week: eating a smaller second portion at meal time (we always have seconds, I want to make my 2nd serving smaller so I eat a little less at dinner time)

Hang training: twice. Try an assisted pull-up at least one of those times

Get in at least 3 workouts next to my bouldering.

Do you have any advice? I started out saying that I would put my focus on one goal per month and base my small wins on those.. I have figured out that this does not really work for me. I want to work on better health (weight loss being a big part of it), a stronger core and pull-ups. I just seem to have a hard time keeping those goals in mind.. I don’t want to put post-its up, apps don’t do it for me.. What do you do to keep up with your goals??