Working the hips range and mobility

Hey, everyone!

I am training with FitnessBlender for quite some time now and I have done various programs and challenges. I have also read some articles for this issue but I was wondering if maybe someone out there was struggling with it and have found a reasonable solution.

I am 28 and I have never had any problems with my hips, however (and maybe this is my main problem) my job is pretty sedentary. I work from home as a graphic designer. I try to get up from the computer and move around for about 5-10 minutes every hour or so. And since I started doing that I don’t have any hip or low back pain. However, I need some tips and suggestions on how to improve the range of motion in my hips. For example, I’m doing some pilates workout and there are hydrants in it and I want to do them properly but my legs open to no more than about 45° (at the best of times). Now obviously if my entire lower section rotates with the leg I have more range of motion but that’s not the point (right?). I also have limited range of motion when trying to do side leg raises (which I guess is again connected to the range of motion on my hips). I should probably point out that there is no pain in the area, it’s just frustrating that I have SO limited range.

I was wondering if some of you have faced similar problem and how you’ve dealt with it and maybe some suggestions on how to improve this.