Yesterday "In the Kitchen" TGIF 1-28-22

Happy Friday everyone.

Wishing you a fantastic Friday and weekend. Last night, "In the kitchen," was a leftover use up kind of night. Storm roasted a sweet potato as part of the larger meal. It was nice and tasty. There was actually some syrup surrounding it on the pan that was very sweet and golden color. That was fun. Along with that we finsihed up the sauerkrat with some red onion, spicy mango sausages, and the rest of the black beans.

To the sweet potato we added a pat of butter and some chopped pecans. The whole thing was very yummy and filling. So what did you have going on in your kitchen? Creeative use of leftovers? Bites of this and that? A new recipe with your personal tweaks?

Have a blessed and prosperous day/weekend everybody. Thanks for playing along. :)