Yesterday "in the Kitchen" Wednesday 1-26-22

Good day everyone.

Starting a little later this morning. Heck of a day at work yesterday and it took a little more stretching and adjusting before tackling this morning's workout.

Anyway, last night's dinner was leftover combonation-ish. Took the remaining bockwurst, potatoes, sauerkraut, apples, etc and heated them up with fresh tomato and served it over winter lettuce from the garden. Storm had hers with a couple of basted farm fresh eggs. I added a bagel to mine. Turned out really yummy.

What was happening in your kitchen? Creative ways to use leftovers? Whole new recipe or food dish for you? Dress up some rescued veggies for the party? Let us know. Creativity and ideas come in from all corners of the world.

Have a blessed and prosperous day!