Yesterday "In the Kitchen" Tuesday 1-25-22

Hello fellow kitchen creators.

Hope your day is going or has gone well. Headed out early this morning to work on our truck. So, last nights dinner was a nibbly night. Storm took some of the leftover Lox (like really, leftover lox, yes) and made wraps with it. Other ingredients were, red onion, bell pepper, chive and garlic creamcheese, avocado, winter lettuce, capers, and black pepper. they were really good. I was a bit more hungry, so, Iput together some pepper truiscuit and chive creamcheese and a few organic bbq chips. Very yummy snacking type dinner.

What did you have happening in your kitchen? Using up leftovers? Freinds came over out of the blue and made you this fabulous dinner, did the dishes and left with dessert on the counter? Well, one can dream, right? Share if you like.

Have a blessed and prosperous day!