Yesterday "In the Kitchen" Friday 1-21-22

Happy Friday Everyone.

Looking forward to the weekend? We are definitely ready for this week to be over. "In the Kitchen" Storm made a pan cookie. Chocolate chip and walnut (extra nuts). We call them "sliver cookies." You can cut just a sliver and you are good.

Dinner last night was a mix up of creations. Purple basil pesto linguini, pan seared salmon with turmeric, smoked paprika, smoked sea salt and black pepper. Salmon was resting on a bed of wilted mix greens with a spoonful of sauteed mushrooms and garlic dashed with a smidge of merlot and butter.

Very delish and filling. Leftovers, yes there were leftovers, are being mixed with a bit of creamcheese and making a bagel sandwich for my lunch today.

What were you secretly creating in your kitchen yesterday? Give us the low down. We won't tell. :)