New FB Plus Workout: Weighted Total Body Tabata with Core Finisher

Good Morning FB family!

I’ve been loving your feedback lately and noticed that many of you (similar to me) hold a special place in your heart for faster-paced strength workouts.

In today’s workout release, I have just that for you: Weighted Total Body Tabata with Core Finisher

We take strength exercises and weave them into one of my all time favorite formats - TABATA - for a fun and challenging total body workout. There really is no muscle group left behind here! I kept the strength moves fairly simple so you don’t have to focus on learning a complex exercise in a short 20 second interval. We’ll end the workout with 5 minutes of core to tie everything together.

In a classic tabata HIIT routine you might be used to doing more cardio and jumping around, but this routine is completely low-impact. While it is fast-paced, I can’t stress enough the importance of being intentional about the quality of movements, especially with the addition of weights.

I personally love tabata because the short intervals challenge me to work hard, but mentally I know it won’t be for long! Anyone else? I know this comes from my many years as a volleyball player where it’s all about short burst movements. Where I struggle is anything with a long interval (60 seconds +). It’s certainly a mental challenge that I have to force myself to do anyway :)

What’s your favorite workout format and why?

Enjoy this one and let me know how it goes!