Yesterday "In the Kitchen" Thursday 1-20-22

Good day everyone.

Hope you are having a fantastic day, or have had one already. We are a global community, aren't we? Not much to report on the meal creation front. Mostly a leftover using up kind of day. Stirfry and roasted pumpkin soup for dinner (you have seen those before). Very filling.

Looking forward to a salad with our winter lettuce harvest. Storm had one already and said it was delish. I love homegrown lettuce. You can taste the earthiness and love in every bite.

Do you grow your own lettuce/greens? Do you notice the differences?

Going in on regular time today, so, off to do morning chores and get Savannah on the bus for school. What was going on in your kitchen yesterday? New and exciting recipe failures? :) Some that turned out well or unexpected? Let us know!

Have a blessed and prosperous day.