Busy schedule tips?

Hi all! So I walked into a very busy schedule this year (self-inflicted, LOL) and I'm struggling to put workouts back into my routine- hoping for some tips/encouragement. I work from 8am-4:30pm M-F and recently took on a side job for an additional 10hrs a week. I do that for a few hours after work and weekends. In between that, I have music lessons and therapy once a week after work. My "go-to" work out time is in the evenings when I get home, but since I have a lot of after-work stuff now, I am not working out really at all. Sometimes I will get in a workout one day with the intention of setting a new routine, and then I don't work out again for weeks. I like to workout 3-4 days in a row in order to set a routine and feel accomplished, but I don't think I can do that anymore without being in a major time crunch. Any tips for getting on an every-other-day schedule or something like that? I just don't want to lose momentum once I start.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!! Thanks :)