week 2 goal evaluation

Last week I wrote down some identity habits:

I want to become the type of person that takes care of herself. I felt really bloated and achy during my period, so I took care of myself with some extra rest days, a hittepit (like a hot water bottle) and being okay with that. I worked out 4 days this past week, one of those workouts being bouldering since the halls opened up again on saturday. It made me very very happy. I also did a lot of drawing last week, some reading and listening to my audiobook.

I did hang training twice last week, I did 17 seconds once, but otherwise 10 to 15 seconds is the max..

I will keep working on these goals. This week I’ve got my own workouts planned and I am doing an extra day of climbing. I went to my climbing PT today and his tip really made a difference. Turning my shoulders into my back really helps getting closer to the wall and takes the pressure of the arms.

How was your week? Did you have any small wins? Big wins? Did you have to change your goals due to circumstances or could you work on what you wanted to work on. Let me know :)