Yesterday "In the Kitchen" Weekend recap 1-17-22

Happy Monday everyone.

Hope your weekend was fantastic. We had a great weekend. Did some shopping and got some things done around home.

Friday Storm made oven roasted bbq chicken, corn, and herbed potatoes. Very yummy. Saturday lunch was leftover chicken sandiwches with greens, avocado, and red onion. Dinner was marrinated shrimp (honey dijon) focaccia pizza. Meanning I forgot to put the cheese on the pizza. :D At the end I grated some parmesancheese over the top. It had sourdough crust, honey dijon garlic sauce, red and white onion, mushrroms, and yellow bell pepper as well.

Sunday: I juiced some blood oranges I received from a co-worker and Storm made blood orange jelly. Very good. Leftover pizza for lunch and dinner was a dijon and honey marrinated half a chicken roasted in the oven. We made turmeric basmati rice with leeks and bell pepper, and, steamed mixed veggies (carrot, cauliflower, broccoli).

What was going on in your kitchen(s) over the weekend? Anything special happening? Trying new recipes with frioends or family? Let us know how it went. Have a blessed and prosperous day!