Healthy Fats - Yay or Nay

Hi All!

So I have changed my eating habits from having a lot of processed food to healthier choices - I have a major sweet tooth. I'm honestly loving it! However, I am putting on weight rather than losing. I'm concerned I'm having too many healthy fats throughout the day.

Breakfast - I use olive oil in the pan, eggs, sweet potatoes, and I'll either add nothing or spinach & tomatoes or avocado.

Lunch - generally left over from dinner. Today was ground lamb, sweet potatoes and kale. (Yes, I LOVE sweet potatoes)

Dinner - either a smoothie or chicken with rice, meat and potatoes or something I made in the crockpot.

Snack - fruit, kind bar, or chips (multigrain) and hummus.

What is a healthy level of healthy fats to take in? I'm concerned I'm overdoing it.