I dropped a dumbbell

This workout was one of my favorites before the stroke. Mainly because of the pistol squats. I used to be able to do full pistol squats with 10 kilos. I always replace the single leg deadlifts with Bulgarian split squats. Used to do those with 29 kilos total. Now I did them without any weight. Mainly because my balance is so bad, I can't put my foot on the chair behind me while holding a weight. I did most exercises with my 10 kilo kettlebell because I can hold that with 2 hands. Granted the left hand keeps letting go and the other arm is doing all of the work. I used my 5 kg medicine ball with handles for the step exercises and the squat and lunge combo. I replaced the clean and press with kettlebell swings cause I feel those better in my legs. I can do a clean and press. I wanted to try to hold 2 1 kilo dumbbells on my shoulders for the squat to lunge and the left hand promptly dropped it. Not the first and not the last time. I have no grip strength in that hand. Luckily it was only 1 kilo and I didn't drop it on myself. Tomorrow physical therapy. I hope we can focus on upper body because my legs are going to be dead!! Improving my balance is now on the list of post stroke goals. But workout complete! I skipped yesterday because neuro fatigue was hitting me hard and I just felt too annoyed and tired to do things.