Mud and beauty… the perfect combo, right?!🤔🙃

Sorry for my second post today, but… I really wanted to share the beauty of my hike. A 15k hike, of which probably 10k was muddy underfoot!!! Around and up to Golden Cap, the highest point on the Jurassic (south) coast in England.

We set off in the car in the rain, but decided to go for it anyway. Good thing we did, because the rain decided to stop and more and more blue patches started to appear! What a wonderful and gorgeous hike, beautiful views all around the whole day. Lots of steep uphill walking, getting our heart rates up nicely and our bodies pretty sweaty. And slithering and sliding in the mud!!!!!! I fell over four times, luckily landing in soft mud on my knees. At one point, I crawled up “the path” on my hands and knees, because I couldn’t get up🤣! We advised a guy with white (!!!) sneakers that maybe he shouldn’t attempt the walk up from the beach…🤔🤭

Photo: wow, just wow! In the replies a collage, that I couldn’t upload here…