FB Complete Recovery Day

So the universe basically forced me to take a day off haha. The whole house has been struck by flu but don't think it's corona. I only had a Scratchy throat yesterday so I was able to do my workout and yoga in the morning. But I think i came down with a fever last night and felt much more drained and coughed a bit today. I have been doing a lot this week [whole month actually 🤯] so in response to that and being sick my friend encouraged me to REST. without guilt. Not too hard cause when I'm sick I'm too tired to feel anything. Fortunate that this landed on my recovery weekend. But disappointed I had to miss my second weekend of karate 😭

Today was very sedentary, but I did some neck stretches as part of my morning meditation and in the afternoon with a massage ball cause my muscles been sore as hell x.x

Don't be like Sherri, don't wait til you get sick to take breaks 😂

Lazy Day complete!