My Workout and My Day

Hey everyone I'm finally back again and ready to talk to all of you, but before I start talking about school I want to talk to you about workouts the first two workouts that I did was a lower body strength with HIIT yesterday and a upper body workout for today. They were both hard workouts that my body was feeling it after the workout, but it was a good burn that I had going on in my legs one day and my arms the next day. On to talking about school the first two weeks of school have been really busy for me that by the end of the week, my body is just completely wore out from all the running around at school.

Because of the classes that I have now I'm having to do a lot of running around wherever it's delivering passes to class, or delivering goodies to the students that are going to be having a game to play that night. So I've just been running around all over the place like crazy for this week but not last week though, because I didn't have that much to do for the first week of school. But by the second week of school I had a lot of things to do in all of my classes so I guess you can say that I was one busy bee with doing all the chores at school.