2 Week Daily Expert Article Challenge - Check-in!

Today, like Esther, was not a usual day. Instead of working out in the morning, the holiday allowed for sleeping in, which was actually a great thing after yesterday's overly long, active day. So, a relaxing yoga-stretching routine happened in the evening instead.

The article I read today was "11 Activities That Will Improve Your Proprioception in 30 Days" by Kayla - https://www.fitnessblender.com/articles/11-activities-that-will-improve-your-proprioception-in-30-days

Having some in our family who are getting on in years, improving balance and proprioception are important things to focus on, and beneficial for everyone, to help prevent injuries and maintain good health.

Kayla points out that proprioception, the ability of your body to sense where it is and how it is moving and balancing, is something that can be learned and improved - yay!

She gives 11 tips on how to improve proprioception: single-leg balance w/ eyes open then w/ eyes closed (a similar activity is given as a test in her related article on balance), standing w/ feet together and eyes closed, dead bug exercise (an excellent exercise often utilized in hers, Amanda's, and Nicoles's core strengthening/stabilization workouts), bird dogs (commonly seen in FB core workouts), marching whilst seated on a physioball, walking backwards (which could certainly go hand-in-hand w/ the expert article on having fun like a child), strength training, yoga, and Tai Chi.

One thing we're planning to implement is purposeful one-legged standing when doing daily tasks which require standing still, as well as more physioball sitting instead of chair sitting. Another thing we want to implement more, which wasn't mentioned in the article, is to have more textured surfaces to walk and stand on indoors (we always go shoeless indoors) to stimulate the nerves of the feet and help improve balance and proprioception.

It's interesting that Kayla brings up Tai Chi - this is something that's good for the nervous system as well, and something which would be really cool to see added here on FB in the future. It's great for all ages and levels, and is particularly fitting for seniors, those w/ chronic health issues, and those who need to de-escalate the sympathetic nervous system.

So, what did you read today? Anything you'd like to share?