workout attire

I don't mean this to be frivolous in any way. But I found that it affects me and it is in a good way. I am a girl, so fashion strikes me. Either I like or I don't and that is for any category. And I believe 100% that when YOU FEEL GOOD IN WHAT YOU ARE WEARING AND YOU ROCK IT WITH CONFIDSENCE, that everyone else sees more confidence then the outfit :-) I have seen Some of Kelli's exercise leggings that look perfect for comfort in working out, overall appearance and look well made. Even in working out, if you feel good in what you are wearing that encourages confidence and good vibes are released :-) I haven't seen any where that shows if Kelli shares where she gets her workout gear that she uses in her programs. If I just haven't stumbled upon it I apologize for any time and space wasted here. I am hoping that maybe the most resent (pink and turquoise) workout leggings might be part of something added to their FB workout gear in the future, I just really liked them searched the internet and couldn't find them anywhere. Some were close but not exact.

Anywhoser, if anyone can lead me to where this info might be if they found it, I'd really appreciate it. Now I'm off to earn my "Workout Complete"

Have the best day that you can have FB Family.