I had to modify a lot but workout complete!

I've started one of my own routines. This was day 1. I had to modify everything that requires a flat hand on the floor. So instead of double burpees, I did 2 step backs plus 2 jump squats. I struggled with a few jumping exercises because my affected ankle and foot are unstable, so landing properly is difficult. With the switchfoot jumps I landed badly a few times, which was rather unpleasant. I used a 1,5 kilo dumbbell for the Clean and press and didn't drop the dumbbell when I was doing the affected side!! I struggled with the static press and lunge. I used a half kilo dumbbell but stretching out my arm above my shoulder is still difficult. I also couldn't do the around the world, because I can't transition a kettlebell with my bad hand easily, so I skipped those altogether Nevertheless workout complete!! Proud of myself!