Yesterday "In the Kitchen" Thursday 1-13-22

Hello fellow food creators.

Hope everyone's day is going fabulous. Up and out early this morning. Lots of errands to run before a late day at work. So let's get right to it. Yesterday Storm harvested some Lion's Maine mushroom so we decided on a pasta for dinner. Half a box of spagetti, Lion's Maine mushrooms, white button mushroom (no crimini available at store), bell pepper, red onion, black olive, garlic, merlot wine, butter, smoked sea salt and fresh ground pepper. To accompany it was pan seared salmon and a small side salad. It was a very tasty meal, but, and there is almost always a but, Storm whipped up a bittersweet and dark cocao chocolate mousse pie with peacan and graham cracker crust. Totally light and fluffy yet firm as it should be. Storm hit a home run with this one. Really nummy.

What were you doing "In the Kitchen" yesterday? Trying out a new recipe? Being creative with leftovers? Pulling out those prepreped meals you worked so hard and long on over last weekend?

Have a blessed and prosperous day!