New FB Plus Workout: Three-Round Lower Body Strength Workout

Hi FB Fam!

Happy Thursday. I hope you are ready for my next workout because I am pretty stoked about it. 

Three-Round Lower Body Strength Workout

I wanted to make a routine for the lower body that anyone can do no matter where they are on their fitness journey. I ranked this routine at a 4/5 because of the weight I used. However, if I didn't use weights, I could easily see this workout being closer to a 3/5. And for those of you who want to go big or go home? Increase the weight and take it up to a 5/5. Another simple modification is to skip the third round and head straight for the cool-down.

My weights ranged from 10 to 20 pounds (~4.5-9 kg for metric folks) during this routine, and while I don't consider those weights all that heavy, I certainly do not consider them to be light either! I was sore for a few days after this one, so choose your weights wisely and drop or increase as needed!

Another great thing about this routine is the cardio aspect. If you move quickly enough or lift heavy enough, with proper form, of course, you can really get your heart pumping. 

With the variety this workout brings, it should go by pretty quickly, and you might even have a little fun too.

I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for working out with me!

- Amanda