19 reps of carrying 25kg 10 meters: I felt so strong today😊

At the end of today I told the ranger who sets our maintenance volunteering tasks that in Dutch I would call him a “grapjas”….. joker is the English word. Why?!?!?!

Well, after spending most of the day doing all sorts of different tasks, including lifting boxes of books, he asked us to help with the trailer… yes, of course, no problem was our reaction.

🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔… there were 39 bags of 25kg of latexcement in there. This meant that one of us (not me, too short!) had to lift the bags onto the edge of the trailer and two of us (hubs and me) lifted the bags off the trailer from shoulder height, to then be carried down two steps ten meters further along to a storeroom!

When I realised that each bag weighed 41% of my own body weight…. I felt pretty chuffed (read: incredibly proud)…. Hey this is me, a 64 year old little lady! Mind you, I could have done with being given this task at the beginning of the day, rather than the end, hence the “grapjas”!

Photo shows the stack in the storeroom, 6 layers of 6 bags each plus three extra on top.