FB Strong Day 9

Making great progress through FB Strong! I’ve done some of this week's workouts out of order so that I can keep up the forward momentum while also being able to film a new workout later today (thinking of filming a super long relaxing stretch).

I took this picture after my workout because while I was doing the Day 9 workout, I saw new muscles!! I don’t workout for the way muscles look, I workout for the way they make me feel, and what they allow me to do in my life. But, I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t get excited when I see tiny bits of evidence of my efforts reflected back at me.

Better, is that after a few weeks of bumping up my training frequency & focus (probably thanks to following programs), I’m also *feeling* stronger. When I started dealing with chronic pain 4 years ago, I lost a ton of strength, muscle, and overall bodyweight. So, here’s to building back. One day at a time, and a billion ups and downs in between.

That upper body workout with Amanda is awesome. I basically finished it & immediately asked her if she would be interested in filming more strength training - she said that she loves lifting and would be happy to create more (insert happy dance).

Have a great day FB Family and feel free to celebrate your workout complete with me 🤗