week 1 goal evaluation

This week’s goals were: working on abs twice a week: check! I did 2 Tasha core workouts, man, they were tough! I also did Kayla’s ladder of doom, which is total body, but had lots of core work..

pull-up practice: sort of check: I changed the exercise. I am just hanging from my arms, shoulders pulled in. It sounds so easy, but wow, it is hard. I can do 15 seconds.. I am going to build this up to 30 seconds at first and then I will see if I need to up it a little more or if I can add another exercise.

Food: pretty good, could be a little better. I am looking forward to the meal plan challenges that will come out soon. A friend of mine came over on Friday. We made homemade pizza. She gave me a belated birthday gift: a pizza stone. It is awesome and it tasted to good. We ate around the kitchen counter, prepping pizza’s, rolling out the dough and chatting.

A tangle a day: did that. I am enjoying it, it’s very relaxing.

I had my booster shot on monday, I only felt a bit of fatigue and my arm was a bit sore, nothing major. But.. my cycle started yesterday, and I definitely notice a side effect there. So, I am taking some extra rest days. I feel so bloated and “heavy”.

Last year I read “atomic habits” by James Clear. I came across on of his wisdoms last week and that made me realise I should change the way I set my goals.. He speaks about making identity habit instead of outcome goals (https://jamesclear.com/identity-based-habits). So, I thought about what type of person I want to be..

I want to become the type of person that takes good care of her health. Small win: making healthy food choices, working out regularly, taking care of my mental health through drawing/reading/relaxing..

I want to become the type of person that climbs grade 5 boulders with ease. Small win: practice pull-ups through hang training 3 times a week.

So: what type of person do you want to become? And what are some small wins to help you get there?