Kelli my glute muscles are still sore!

The lower body workout from Friday was amazing, my glute muscles are still sore now. I wanted to do upper body today. Actually yesterday. With resistance bands, but my hand refused to hold onto the band, so I stopped. If it just keeps slipping out of my hand, it starts getting old real quick. Then today I just wasn't feeling up to it. Plus my shoulder has been hurting a lot. I always feel so betrayed when my paralyzed side hurts. Like, you're supposed to be paralyzed, you're not allowed to hurt. It's because the arm just hangs from the shoulder, when walking it swings around and it's at risk for dislocation. Tomorrow I have physical therapy so I'm going to have it checked out, make sure it's not actually dislocated. My sister is also coming over tomorrow. So physical therapy will be my workout. I gotta make sure we go easy on the legs because my workout with Kelli Friday just killed my poor legs. I've been alone since last week Thursday. It's the first time since the stroke that I'm completely alone and have to do everything myself. So far I've managed to make dinner and breakfast every day. Dishes are a bit tricky but I managed it so far. I'll be needing my sister's help tomorrow with taking out the trash. It's difficult to pull the bag out of the trash can. Never mind taking the bag down two flights of stairs. I've decided to start with programs again. Lots of 2 week challenges I haven't done yet 2 weeks seems like a reachable goal to start with. I'll be keeping you all updated 😘