Yesterday "In the Kitchen" TGIF 1-7-22

Happy Friday everyone.

Hope eveyone had a fabulous week. Light rain and a bit of fog to start the day. Typical Winter weather setting in. Yay! Yesterday was a mish mash of using up leftovers. I had salmon dip in a pita for lunch with my borscht. Storm had stuffed musrooms with the salmon dip. So yay, no more dip in the fridge. For dinner, Storm had made some spagetti the day before with the leftover pesto from the roasted veggies earlier in the week, mushrooms, onions, and bell pepper. So we finished up that along with a side salad and some andouille sausage. A very nice meal in deed.

More things happening this weekend though. Sourdough starter to use up, leftover andouille, maybe a sweet in there somewhere. You never know around here.

So what did you have going on Yesterday "In the Kitchen?" New and exciting recipe you have been wanting to try? Someone else cook for you? That's always nice. Anyway, post up and kick the weekend off for the rest of us. Let's be creative and out of the box this weekend. Have a blessed and prosperous day!

P.S. OOH! How about a sweet potato challenge. If you have them, come up with something using what you have "In the Kitchen." No extra shopping.