2022 Nutrition Resolutions

Hello fellow Blenders! Hope you all had wonderful holidays!

I quit making New Year's resolutions a couple years ago because I always seem to break them, but this year I really do want to eat better. I've done a pretty good job sticking with my consistent workout goal (I've been working out 3-5 days per week for 9 months straight), so now I'm going to really try to fit in the nutritional aspect of it as well.

I've been doing a pretty good job at sticking around my necessary calorie amount (I've been maintaining my weight for the past 2 or 3 months), but I'm still eating processed/junk food. My husband is a pretty picky eater, so we have a lot of processed foods (Mac & Cheese, chips, fries, etc) in the house. Even though I try to incorporate veggies into my dinner, I usually end up having some of the processed stuff as well.

I had my annual cholesterol check in December and although my total cholesterol was within the normal range, my good cholesterol was low and my bad cholesterol was high. My doctor said to help with this I should try to limit my animal fat and bread/pasta intake.

What is everyone's favorite source of protein besides animal protein? I'm trying to incorporate more non-animal proteins to help flip my good/bad cholesterol levels. I know beans are a good source of protein, but I'm looking for more non-animal proteins to incorporate into my diet. Breakfast especially is an area where I'm looking for non-animal protein to add. Usually when I want protein for breakfast I eat eggs or have some peanut butter toast, but this is starting to get boring.