What are your goals this week?


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What are your goals this week, fitness and otherwise? Remember, setting small & specific goals are a great way you help you reach bigger goals. It all adds up.

As for me,

- I would like to do at least 3 complete workouts this week (or should I say workouts complete..?)

- I am going to eat in a way that makes me feel great (if I focus on the way food makes me feel, it's easy to make healthy choices).

- I am going to do a lot of writing this week (I also have something new I've been working on that I'm posting soon, excited to share).

- I have a bunch of work & meetings I'm already committed to, some of them involve some exciting brainstorming so I'm excited for those..

- I want to try and keep my stress level manageable, so I plan on spending some time with my loved ones, my plants, and my pup. I've been listening to music I love and trying to meditate a couple of times a week.

That was a brain dump of a post. How about you guys, any goals and plans on how you might get there?