Back in the game

Hi everybody,

I haven't really posted much so far but I could use a little bit of encouragement.

I was sooo incredibly sedentary these last months and my back pain and general fitness have gotten horribly bad. I was never super fit but a year ago or so I was able to finish HIIT or strength workouts with a difficulty of 4. Then I suffered an injury and had some bad sciatica afterwards and I stopped working out completely. Now, trying to get back into training every movement hurts and it feels like I am worse off than ever.

I know that it will get better if I stay on track. But atm I am dreading every workout – even if it's just a little bit of Pilates or dynamic stretching. Everything feels fragile and hard – my wrists even hurt just doing a bird dog, Christ! And yesterday I pulled some groin muscle doing the 1/5 difficulty stretches for stiff hips. I mean... honestly.

I really don't want to spend another spring/summer being in pain. I am an outdoorsy kind of person and want to go on hikes again without worrying about back pain or lack of endurance. And without pain killers.

So, I guess, I just keep going, right? Any other tips for not giving up and dealing with the frustration?

Thanks for reading, y'all.