New FB Plus Workout: Total Body Bodyweight HIIT Pyramid

Good Morning Everyone!

I’m doubling up on you this week with yet another workout! If you haven’t yet tried yesterday’s Exercise Ball Core Add-on Workout, today’s workout release might just be the perfect pair.

Today we have a Total Body Bodyweight HIIT Pyramid workout.

I have to say, this format is one of my absolute favorites. It was really fun and made the workout fly by! Instead of the classic 20 on/10 off HIIT, we work in a pyramid format, building from short intervals (10 seconds), to our longest interval (60 seconds), and back down. The rest intervals always stay consistent at 20 seconds, even with the variable work intervals.

In just 33 minutes we get the heart rate up and work the entire body, with no equipment at all. I even threw in some *fun* combination exercises that you may have never tried before.

I personally love incorporating a bodyweight HIIT workout like this between strength days, or as an add-on to a short core or upper body workout. Keep in mind, though HIIT has some amazing benefits (mentioned in the write-up), it’s not meant to be done every day. So, if you’re a HIIT junkie like me, just be sure to build in at least 24-48 hours of rest between HIIT sessions to give your body a break.

Until next time, enjoy, and have a great workout!