Week 52-2021 goal evaluation + plans for 2022

Happy New Year to all my Blend friends!!

Last week's goals were:

eat all the oliebollen ;) : check! I ate so many (see my post: https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/28683/unhealthiest-day-of-the-year-so-good )

do my 5 workouts and my PT exercises: I did 6 workouts and did my PT exercises 3 times last week

fueling my body properly, with healthy foods: that was a bit difficult the past week, but I’ve made an effort to add veggies to my plate and eat as healthy as possible.

drink less alcohol than the past 4 weeks (we had 2 beer advent calendars, so I had 2 half beers each night for the past 4 weeks.. I normally don’t drink that much: I still drank more than I usually do, but less than I did in the 4 weeks of advent, so I guess I did good.

I’ve started a new document. 2021 was 34 pages long :) I actually really enjoyed evaluating each week last year and it did help me to stay focused. Last year I made a lot of plans for the entire year in January. I've noticed that that does not help me. This year I am trying a different approach. I will have a monthly focus and base my goals on those. I do have a 1 year long goal: work on pull-ups. I am now the proud owner of a pull-up bar, so there is nothing holding me back. I will make my monthly goals to help work on my pull ups, and also for whatever it is that needs work at the time. My weekly goals will be a small part of the monthly goal.

I am starting January with…. abs! My core needs some work, this will also help me in bouldering (when the halls open again, they are closed due to another lockdown and I miss climbing!!).

This week’s goal: do an ab workout twice a week. It is okay if I can’t do the exercise properly yet, doing it more often will strengthen my core and improve my form..

Pull-up practice: practice inverted bodyweight rows: 3 sets of 8 reps, 3 times a week.

Food: make healthy choices and / or add veggies to my lunches (cucumber, celery stalk, tomatoes).

Besides working out and eating healthy I started a new hobby. I really wanted to find something I could do at the table at any moment of the day. I love reading, but reading all day long sometimes is too much. Fitness is something that you don’t do all day (though my husband said he was okay if I did, he is such a weirdo..). And bouldering is something I only do twice a week.. So, I did some researching and found zentangle. I am going to make a tangle each day. Work on my technique, learn patterns, and relax while drawing (https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/28743/oops-it-s-monday-week-1 )

That is.. my plans for 2022. Did you make any plans? What are they? If not, what are you focusing on this week/month/quarter? Let me know. Let’s make 2022 an awesome year!!