Workout Complete!

I finally did some workout videos. I was nervous going in because I wasn't sure how much I wouldn't be able to do. I was scared I'd get frustrated. I knew upfront I wouldn't be able to do anything that involved pushup position, so I swapped those out. I was surprised I was able to do the side lunge hops. I can't do jumping jacks, which I didn't expect. The arm can't do that movement. I tried pop squats, those went well. My core is very weak, which was to be expected. I added some deadlifts with a 10 kilo kettlebell and kettlebell swings. My left hand is still refusing to hold onto a dumbbell. All in all, not a bad workout day! A little frustrating here and there. I'm going to have to learn to modify certain things and find suitable replacements for things I can't do. I did do some push-ups, had my boyfriend force my hand flat on the mat. It's the only way I can do push ups, but it happens to be a good exercise for the hand after a stroke. Proud of myself. Going to focus on grip Wednesday at physical therapy. I want to be able to hold onto dumbbells again.